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Turning PAssion into profit

Sports Dynamics monetizes a club’s fan base, using the power of sport to mobilize fans and fan behavior



Turning passion into profit


Sports Dynamics monetizes a club’s fan base, using the power of sport to mobilize fans and fan behavior.



Our approach and technology introduce a novel revenue stream that can effectively double a club’s earning potential, considerably increasing the club’s revenue generating capacity and in turn the overall club valuation.

Retail Chains

Consumer facing businesses face fierce competition and difficulty differentiating their products in a market full of similar offers.  Our approach creates a long-term bond with customers, leveraging emotion as a driving factor – a holding factor lacking in all traditional loyalty programs. Measurable, verifiable, result driven sponsorship.


Sports Dynamics monetizes a team’s fan base by introducing a team currency and loyalty card packaged in a mobile app.  Fans support their club by choosing to spend with team partners, earning team currency and redeeming it in the shape of tickets, merchandise and exclusive prizes.

Sponsorship Re-imagined



We facilitates a simple, profitable and transparent relationship between sports clubs and consumer chains, rewarding fans in the process.  We provide the technology through which fan spending patterns can shift towards our partners and away from their competition.


Our aspirations are to develop an international operation that is focused on attracting institutional investors to finance purchases of sports franchises whereby these undervalued assets can undergo business model optimization and then be resold at a higher value.

Untapped Market Potential

Our group has conducted extensive research on over 300 premiere league clubs in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia, India, Russia, Mexico and other major markets, and concluded that the majority of sports clubs have failed to adequately understand and hence fully monetize their fan base.


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